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Welcome to Be Priceless

Why are WE so Priceless & Limitless?

Priceless and Limitless

Every person is priceless and limitless. 

We are called Be Priceless as our goal is to support our community BE empowered for growth, well-being and safety. 

Our programs were planted and nurtured by the community for the community to flourish.

Our SEED course improves children, youth and caregivers' capacity, quality of life and practices for flourishing lives. Participants have strengthened self-value, resilience, mental-physical well-being, positive relationships, and safety.

FREE of charge are ALL of our services (community interviews and reports, SEED Courses and educational materials) for participants and partnering non-profit organizations or schools.


We are fully self-funded by our founders, who committed their expertise and resources to support the community's equitable, sustainable, and shared capacity and resilience for flourishing.


We believe that no one should be left behind in taking part in empowering life-skills training to be well and safe. 

Our SEED Courses 

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The SEED Courses strengthen capacity (knowledge, skills), attitudes and practices for personal growth, well-being and safety. It also cultivates collective togetherness, inclusion, equity, resilience and support.

Our lessons and games are fun, interactive and life-changing. We transform evidence, best practices, and wisdom from diverse fields into empowering activities. Our content is aligned with WHO's health guidance (mental, physical and social well-being)social and emotional learning, INSPIRE
, Convention of Children's Rights, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development Goals

The Courses were rigorously co-developed over 8 years by more than 150 diverse multi-cultural community members and professionals (doctors, nurses, counselors, educators, mindfulness teachers, social workers, public health and child protection workers, and more). 

Children, youth, parents and other caregivers are at the heart of our program. Their views and partnerships drive our course design, impact assessment, and ongoing services development. Together we apply participatory design and systems thinking to make sure our services fit the interests of our community members, especially those who face higher risks or greater challenges. 

We are committed to being accountable and transparent about the quality, safety, and impact of our service. We have stringent child safety, data security and integrity policies that every team member and participant must follow.


Our programs are also extensively reviewed by the participants through international ethics board approved anonymize impact assessment protocols. We report our the results of our programs openly and in community-centered manner (see our impact reports).

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