SEED - Self-value, Empower, Educate, and Protect from Dangers

Be Priceless develops educational programs to educate, empower and engage students from diverse challenging backgrounds . 


There is currently no holistic program that builds capacity for vulnerable children that specifically focuses on this mission. So, we created the SEED (Self-value, empower, educate, and protect from Dangers) program.

The audience is children aged 5 to 18 years. SEED focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL) and risk management (against violence, exploitation, mental health, infections, climate disasters and more).

SEED provides child-focused, engaging and practical way to learn and practice important mindset, skills, and behavioral changes that enable sustainable growth, wellbeing and safety. 

SEED is designed to be an evidence-based, impactful, easy to teach curriculum to facilitate educators, social workers, child service providers, NGO or other community group to empower the children they serve. The content is meant to be adapted to the local context.


Be Priceless believes in building trust and impact together. We work together with disadvantaged stakeholders from the community, including children and youth. Their needs, perspectives, participation and capacity building is at the centre of our mission. It will ensure that the program is suitable for the community.

The content reflects the depth of distilled insights from diverse experts in education, personal and intellectual development, health (physical, mental, social), as well as risk reduction. The content is transformed by children, youth, storytellers, authors, artists and more into child-focused engaging learning opportunities. 


SEED consists of eight modules (and growing) and will be rolled out through schools, and community-based programs. See the diagram below for the topics.


Each module consists of animation, capacity-building lessons (no lectures!), games and other creative activities, cartoon books, growth journal and home practices. 

We will provide packages to prepare the school, NGO or community groups; educators (including training courses for teachers, counsellors, social workers and others); students and caregivers.

SEED program materials are available in multiple languages

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