Be Priceless Empowers All Children and Their Communities to
Be Well and Safe.

We are an educational non-profit group that envisions a world where everyone can be well and safe. Our mission is to empower disadvantaged children and their communities to strengthen growth, well-being and risk reduction. 

We believe that children are like seeds - each is PRICELESS and LIMITLESS. We develop programs to foster strong roots to set the foundation for healthy growth and well-being. We promote protection from and capacity building to reduce the risks around them. 

There are many effective, evidence-based ways to promote health, social-emotional well-being, child protection and disaster risk reduction. Disadvantaged children, youth, and those who support them are often excluded from the good practices and their benefits. Yet children, especially from poor, ethnic minority, displaced or migrant families face higher risk of mental health stress, diseases, social inequities, abuse, exploitations and impacts of climate change.  

 We bridge the gap by building knowledge, skills and opportunities that are specifically created to empower the most disadvantaged members of society. We build free and safe platforms for access these resources to fostering a better future. We engage members from all part of society in this commitment to care for and protect the most vulnerable people.

Through shared visions, action and impact across the diverse community members engaged in our program, we hope to change the culture to mainstream growth, well-being, risk reduction of everyone - including those who are at highest risks and often excluded from protection. 

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Educate to Empower, Engage, and Strengthen Enabling Environment

Our educational program fosters self-value, capacity, resilience as well as the nurturing environments that we dream for our children.

We create empowering educational curriculums and engaging opportunities for children and others across different communities to take part in strengthening personal growth, learning, well-being (mental, physical, and social health), safe relationships and risk reduction (including against violence, exploitation, infectious diseases, mental disorders, extreme weather events etc).


A child is not well if she/he is not safe. Many of the children whom we engage will be from difficult backgrounds. Our mission is to strength the capacity and resilience against challenges and risks of the children and the community around them. 

By providing children with the right tools, we dream of a world where every child can reach their full potential for being priceless and limitless. Together with members of the disadvantaged communities, Be Priceless created SEED.

SEED is our classroom-based educational program to facilitate partners to empower children's capacity to promote personal and collective sustainable learning, social-emotional well-being, health, rights protection, equity and risk reduction.