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As caregivers, your have a key role in empowering the growth, well-being and safety of your child and the children in our community. We are so grateful for your dedication.

It takes a community to raise a child. As caregivers we also keep growing and learning to flourish.

We want to share what we know to work for nurturing children, yourself and your family. 

This is an engaging, evidence-based, and practical course over only FOUR 2-hour sessions. 

Workshop 1:
Positive Parenting (communication, and connection)
Workshop 2:
Personal Growth (learning)
Workshop 3:
Well-being (emotional regulation, self-care, healthy mind and body)
Workshop 4:
Safety (reduce risks of health disorders, in-person or online exploitation and violence, climate disasters, etc)

The course is developed and provide by expert educators, doctors, child psychologists and more.

We provide empowering courses and 
learning materials for our participants. 
We are funded by our Founders who believe that ALL families should have access to learning support for life skills that empower their flourishing.

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