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Our Partners

Be Priceless adds SEED educational resources to community groups 

To empower our community's inclusive, equitable, and regenerative flourishing, Be Priceless provides the SEED Courses, workshops, and learning materials to schools and non-profit organizations.

To promoted equity, we prioritize our priceless resources to support groups that empower at risk children and/or caregivers (including those living with special educational needs, disability, low-income, ethnic minority, refugee or other vulnerable contexts) and we adapt our services to meet their community's needs. 


Be Priceless provides SEED Educational to partner covering full or partial costs according to equity principles. As of 2023, Be Priceless has collaborated with many partners to provide SEED courses.

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Let’s Work Together for Our Community's Well-being

If you represent a school or non-profit organization that serves at risk children or families, and your organizational values are aligned with Be Priceless, please contact us at to explore collaboration opportunities to empower our community together.

Partnership Informational Pamphlet

Be Priceless - Partnership Pamphlet (English)

Be Priceless - Partnership Pamphlet (Chinese)

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