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Our Goals

Our Long-term Goal:

The children, youth, and families empowered by SEED Education

will LEAD the health education, behaviors, and norms of our diverse community to be more well, safe, and interconnected.

Our Mid-term Goal - by 2028:

A) SEED Education empowers 10,000+ children, youth, and caregivers to be well and safe

  • 20% Improved quality of life and healthy behaviors  

  • At least 6 months of continued benefit after the SEED 



B) Improve their family's well-being and safety 

  • 20% Improved quality of life of participant's family

  • ≥70% Improved participants in the general community (e.g. volunteer, capacity sharing)


C) Diverse, equitable, inclusive participation from higher-risk communities

  • ≥70% children from poverty, SEN, non-Chinese multicultural groups

  • ≥70% caregivers from poverty, non-Chinese multicultural groups


D) Support  ≥ 30 school and non-profit partners trusted by at-risk communities


All our impact assessment and report follow participants informed consent and our international ethics board approved protocols. We report our impact to our community every season and annually to be fully transparent.

These reports also support partner organizations in driving positive change in the community.


Please see our impact reports to learn more about what we have achieved so far together with our community!

SDG/ ESG report 2023

Our 2023 SDG Report

up to March 2024

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Annual Report


Growth Report (English) 


Growth Report (Chinese) 


Growth Report (English) 


Growth Report (Chinese)

Community Interviews

Uplifters' Situational Analysis

Partnership Pamphlet

 Partnership Pamphlet (English)

 Partnership Pamphlet (Chinese)

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