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What we do and how we do it at Be Priceless is what I wish for myself to receive as a child and for all children, and for all living beings - to grow up feeling cherished, self-valued, healthy, safe, and strongly rooted. 


Growing our community garden has been a journey full of tests and celebrations for our commitment to live with love, to embrace challenges, while believing in our shared hope and actions for our children and their future generations to flourish.

Nature and our diverse community have inspired me to understand deeply into the complexity of needs to thrive and to develop solutions that nourish our interconnectedness. 


The growth journey of our team and our community has expanded our capacities to nurture the multi-dimensions of individual transformation and of our interconnected root systems. 


I look forward to our abundant flourishing together.

Jason, Be Priceless's Director

My growth journey at Be Priceless has been transformative. What started as a few ideas on paper, has turned into an organization with generous people making visible impact in our local communities. By witnessing the growth of Be Priceless, I grew to appreciate both the severity of the issues that we try to tackle and address, as well as the importance of the service that we provide. I found myself becoming more mission driven and purposeful through this journey, and as a result having a bigger heart and empathy for the communities and individuals we strive to serve. 

There were ample challenges in creating and launching the courses, as well as assembling a team of like minded and hard working people to serve alongside, but it was well worth the effort. My journey continues and so will Be Priceless.


Shelly, Be Priceless's Co-leader for well-being and child protection

My journey with Be Priceless has been magical. It all began in 2017 for me, when I was approached to contribute resources and information on building the Social Emotional aspect of the organisation. From being a volunteer to an educator and well-being lead to child protection lead to learning from each and every member of the team- it has been a life changing experience. 


I have made close lifelong friendships, seen growth, seen things move at the speed of light, experienced moments that have empowered and humbled me at the same time. Be Priceless is not just an organisation- it is an energy that has the power to move mountains and the calmness and patience to allow seeds of trust and knowledge to grow. 

Rachel, Be Priceless's Educator

Before I join the Be Priceless family in July 2022, I was a kindergarten teacher at a local school. During the fifth wave of covid-19 outbreak in March 2022, face-to-face classes were suspended at schools and I had a lot of time to rethink my purpose in the education field. That was when I found Be Priceless. For the first time in my teaching career, I feel like I have finally found a purpose as I have the power to empower not only children, but also everyone in the community.

Working at Be Priceless is a very special and enriching experience for me. I feel like I have found a community garden that allows me to be myself, to take care of others, and also being taken care of. I treasure and believe in the values of Be Priceless and I am confident to say that me and the team are making an impact in the community. The part of me that felt like missing is fulfilled by the wonderful gardeners and seedings I have met along the way. We are all priceless and limitless and no one can take that away from us.

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Albee, Be Priceless's Educator

回想起自己剛開始接觸Be Priceless的時候,我是一位志願者,幫忙做中文翻譯的。那時候,創辦人梁醫生告訴Be Priceless 相信在這個世界每一位兒童都應該在一個健康和安全的環境下成長。後來,很榮幸的受到梁醫生的邀請擔任Be Priceless的教師。正式開展了我為社區作出貢獻的旅程!

能為社區提供這個如此實用專業的課程,背後當然少不了Be Pricless團隊裡面成員的互相合作和支持。在這裡。你可以感受到每一位成員都是擁有著一樣的熱誠去服務社區,這是我從來都沒在其他地方見到過的!

梁醫生總是說:我們才剛開始,我們能為社區做的事情還有很多......我們都是無價和無限的, 一起來用無限的力量共同去建立一個美好的社區吧!

Olivia, Be Priceless's Educator

I started volunteering at Be Priceless from November 2021. I have always had the calling to serve the community, and I am proud to be part of Be Priceless’ Team.  During my journey with Be Priceless, I have taught SEED courses to children and caregivers from diverse backgrounds, including the ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong.


As an Indonesian, I have also had the opportunity to serve the Indonesian community in Hong Kong. It was a humbling and fulfilling experience that I will always cherish in my life.  All Be Priceless materials were created by professionals from different fields and the community. Focusing on growth, well-being, and safety, the materials are so precious that I myself have learned much. The skills taught are integral to our life.


I started to acknowledge my emotions, do self-care, and prepare for safety. I have also become a more confident parent. All Be Priceless team members believe in our materials. We don’t just teach the materials, but we believe and practice them. Cheers to more exciting journeys ahead!


Daphne, Be Priceless's Operations Manager

My journey has really been fantastic and the opportunities I’ve been given I am incredibly grateful for – they are tapping into all the skills that I have brought with me from previous jobs: team-working skills; communications; and. I’ve experienced a fast journey over the last 4 months and I feel really lucky to have had such an all-round involvement in the community. 


Remember, you are priceless and limitless!

Alanna, a 10 year-old intern

I would never have been able to imagine what having an internship at Be Priceless would be like. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Like a web to a spider, or a wand to a wizard, Be priceless has become a very important part of me. For others, Be Priceless and its team is just one of the other non-profit NGOs, but to me,10 I see the Be Priceless team as some sort of a family to each other. Every seedling, every staff, every volunteer is special in their own way, so we shouldn’t expect people to be exactly the same, even if they are similar.


The team has to work together to reach Be Priceless’s dream: Well-being and safety for all.


I didn’t really like trying new things before I took the SEED course and joined Be Priceless. But then I realized that I was just afraid of getting things wrong. After the SEED course, I learned to embrace my imperfections and that it’s okay to not get things right sometimes.


Sometimes, I feel weak, and that I can’t do anything, but then I remember back to those lessons, and think, “No, I’m NOT weak, and I CAN do some things.” Be Priceless has had a great impact on my life. Not just having a positive attitude, but also, I feel more confident and happy each morning when I wake up. I used to look out the window to see it was raining and go, “Are you kidding me? Now I can’t go to the park!” But now, I see the rain as a blessing to all plants, helping them shoot up and grow stronger, taller, and deepen their roots further into the ground.


Everyone has mistakes and problems in their lives, but I think that that’s just a part of growing, learning, and knowing what not to repeat.


Now that I think back to the first time I helped Be Priceless with some integration, I feel good about helping out. For some people, mistakes are not to be tolerated, and everyone should be absolutely perfect. Not to me. To me, everyone is allowed to grow and learn at their own pace, taking their time to sink their roots deeper into the soil and reaching for the sun. When you have a positive mindset, sometimes you feel unstoppable. That the sky’s the limit and you have so much to share with others that you burst with happiness.


I’m especially grapeful for getting to experience this amazing new life and have this exciting and educational journey alongside the rest of the team.


One last thing I want to say: Remember that you are Priceless and Limitless!

nychole planting seed.png

Nychole, a 14 year-old intern

In April of 2021, I had the opportunity to participate in the SEED course, where I learnt valuable aspects of growing and staying safe. An aspect of growth I experienced after the course was being able to put into words the methods to stay safe and make good decisions. During the course, we were also introduced to different ‘superpowers’ in a person which fosters their growth and development.


A superpower that was quite impactful towards me is having a growth mindset, especially towards academics. Prior to learning about it, I didn’t have the best mentality when I was under academic stress, and would usually cram all my schoolwork. With the understanding of having a growth mindset rather than a fixed one, I was able to face my problems more confidently, and learnt to accept the situation while striving to improve. Another superpower I decided to start developing is curiosity, as it made me realize how much more aware and in tune with possibilities I could be when trying to understand things on a deeper level. For instance, I am more curious towards the different perspectives of the people around me, which allowed me to understand how certain situations affect people in several was. 

Lastly, I also had the opportunity to help out as an intern during the summer. During that period, I was able to see the amount of thought put into how younger people can effectively understand how to stay safe and have a meaningful learning experience. The discussions on how to make the courses engaging and helpful for the children further showed me the great amount of consideration put into creating the course. Overall, the course allowed me to gain insight on how I should lead my life, and taught me the importance of fostering my growth.

Tom Lau, a 20 year-old medical intern

During this fabulous SEED journey, I had wonderful experiences working with multisectorial professionals, who are all fully committed to serving the community. My volunteering work started in September 2022, and I am mainly responsible for community engagement. It was great fun to work with my mentor, Choyi, on the social media team. We worked together to create social media content and other materials. I can deeply feel the passion and the warm, caring atmosphere in this workplace. I remember Dr. Leung mentioned the community garden, where every one of us could grow and flourish while we can plant plants and help others to grow and flourish. 

My experience in Be Priceless is wonderful and fruitful, not only I have opened my eyesight into the field of NGO work, but I have also achieved personal growth in terms of having a more mature mindset. Especially when I am working on social media posts where audiences may have different backgrounds and experience different difficulties. It is important as a medical student and a future doctor to understand the importance of empathy and try thinking from the perspective of our patients and the community.

To conclude, my internship at Be Priceless is a life-changing experience, I believe the things I have learned at Be Priceless can help me become a better doctor and a better person in general. Looking forward to continuing to serve the community in the near future.


Josephine Yu, a 21 year-old medical intern

I started volunteering at Be Priceless since September 2022 and my internship lasted for 3 months. I have gained a lot in this placement, as well as meeting a group of wonderful people who are so committed to serving the community. I was given the opportunity to try a variety of things, from designing posters, editing videos, creating community reports, to helping with impact assessment and situational analysis. These practical and diverse experiences could hardly be earned from school or daily life. I am really grateful to be part of Be Priceless which allows me explore more of my potentials and expand my abilities.

Apart from the gains in personal skills, I also learned mental and social well-being are equally important as physical wellness. Listening to the sharings from our participants, I had an insight into the concerns and difficulties faced by ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups. Moreover, I understood that all people are connected, regardless of age, gender or backgrounds. We all have emotions and face similar challenges.  

All in all, my journey at Be Priceless is fabulous and fruitful. I hope to stay passionate with serving the community and doing goods to society.

Lavanya, a 17 year-old intern

My journey at Be Priceless began in 2019. Dr. Leung invited me to provide voice overs for animations, as well as design a brochure for youth and children on the topic of personal safety. I instantaneously knew that Be Priceless would be an organisation I would constantly be working with in years future, whatever the objectives may be. 

In 2022, with a much more developed set of qualifications and an acquisition of new skills, I joined Be Priceless as a Youth Intern for approximately a month's time. Having already worked on and ran mental health and well-being projects in the past, I knew my skill set would be best put to use under that umbrella. I then took on the task of creating a mental health website which would provide free resources and strategies to maintain well-being for those who may not be able to access this sort of information for whatever reason. 

By getting an opportunity to sit in at the office and work from there, I was able to get a taste of the level of teamwork that is required in an organisation. I got an opportunity to hear a myriad of ideas being bounced amongst the team and how they were able to come to conclusions and work through them effectively. I was also able to witness interviewing procedures and gained a deeper appreciation for office management. 

I am grateful for the opportunity and the guidance and I look forward to continuing being a part of Be Priceless.


Anna, intern and previous-consultant

Imagine being on a sailboat alone. Crossing the ocean in mist, and white is all you can sea. You feel confused, and maybe a little lost. Days, weeks or maybe months have passed, and nothing has changed. Suddenly, not far from where we are at, we see a lighthouse. The lighthouse is guiding you through the mist, to somewhere. Maybe to your destination, or maybe somewhere temporary for you. But surely a better place than being stuck, than not making any progress. I’m sure everyone has had this feeling, of being lost, fearing for uncertainties, or not trusting in general. For me, the lighthouse that I saw was Be Priceless. Throughout the journey with Be Priceless, I am more than grateful to say, I found myself. 

Throughout the internship, I worked with several youth volunteers, they are all so inspiring and empowering. It was at that moment I felt something special in me, that was when I committed 120% to our team. I remember having so much fun with the volunteers, doing something different every other day. With me being the oldest volunteer, of 19 years old, and the youngest volunteer being 9 years old, we had so much fun and were exposed to so so much opportunities to grow. Age is just a number, we each hold so much potential in us. We all have limitless power to grow, a growth mindset is what unlocks the potential we hold. 


It would be bold for me to say that I know and have found my purpose, but I’m sure that I am doing something right. To me, we empower children's sustainable growth, well-being, and safety, for them to drive and motivate themselves from the within. We amplify children’s voices to be heard, and to create an equitable, a well and safe environment for all families. So! What’s your purpose? I found myself durian the journey, I am berry grapeful to be part of the team. Come join us, there are melons of raisins for you to experience the SEED journey, it will apple-solutely leave you peachless. Wish everyone a fruitful time and always remember, you are priceless and limitless.

Jing Xi, a 23 year-old public health intern

My journey at Be Priceless started in January 2023. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to learn from and work with the fabulous multisectoral team members to serve the community. I had the opportunity to try lots of new things during this internship, including the first time dealing with real-life data, helping with qualitative analysis, designing posters and booklets, translating, and witnessing the life-changing SEED courses. I do enjoy the valuable time here with all the team members.


This experience not only enabled me to learn practical skills but also enhanced my life skills of personal growth and well-being. I become more willing and more confident to try and communicate with people. Before this internship, I was always afraid to try new things. However, in this warm and encouraging environment, I realized that things are not as difficult as I thought and I should take the first step to learn and practice them. Besides, by listening to the sharing of the participants, I got the chance to know their understanding and needs of children’s growth, well-being, and safety. I understood that all people have different experiences and concerns, from which I learned to think from various perspectives, especially when designing health communication materials.


Overall, my experience at Be Priceless is wonderful and life-changing. I am growing into a better person rapidly during the three months. I believe that this experience will help me to grow with a positive mindset and serve the community for inclusive, equitable, and regenerative flourishing. Thanks everyone!

Jing Xi
David Yuen

David Yuen, a 21 year-old pharmacy intern

I am incredibly grateful to be involved in Be Priceless team. The team was always welcoming
and supportive from the get-go, which contributed a huge part in fostering a positive
environment for communication. During our collaboration, I felt the commitments of all
colleagues from multi-professional perspectives. We has worked constructively, creatively,
as well as critically. Be Priceless’s diverse and inclusive working culture are huge highlights
distinct from others.

With high level of autonomy, I was given opportunities to work on a wide variety of
projects, from creating social media gimmicks to developing course materials to
participating in SEED course. Each challenged me in a fresh and exciting ways. They also
gave me a well-rounded experience to serve the youth and caregiver in the community.
Together we flourish the future of our society.

It has been a rewarding and rich internship here at Be Priceless. I will carry the insights and
experience along my healthcare career as a future pharmacist. Wish more can come and
enjoy this transformative process with Dr. Leung and her team!

Yi Fan, a 24 year-old public health intern

It is an honor for me to be a part of the SEED journey. I have observed a welcoming and encouraging environment of teamwork at Be Priceless. The phrase "We before me" particularly inspired me. Every team member prioritizes working as a team.


I started my internship in March 2023, and I was mainly responsible for assessing the SEED impact. My supervisor Janaki in the research group taught me a lot about data analysis, creating reports, and using statistical techniques. She always guided me patiently and assisted me in proofreading my work. The other team members were equally kind in sharing their professional experiences. I was also encouraged to participate in focus group interview, edit voiceover, and create posters, all of which helped me to develop my abilities.


The 'growth mindset' was what stood out to me most about the SEED program. Instead than defaulting that they cannot do, everyone should continuously explore and challenge themselves. It was not only enlightening me for study public health, but it also helped me grow individually and inspired me to set my academic and professional objectives. In addition,  I was moved by the children's and parents' excitement for the SEED program. I was touched to see from the assessment findings and feedback that they had learned risk reduction strategies and had put them into practice.


In conclusion, the time at Be Priceless solidified my decision to pursue a profession in public health and encouraged and inspired me to continue working to improve the health of the community after I graduate.

Yi Fan

Dr. Rakshita Sharma, a public health intern 

I had an amazing experience with Be Priceless. 

I started my internship here in February 2023. During my internship, I got an opportunity to assist with SEED Courses conducted by Be Priceless. I appreciated the organization’s commitment to supporting human development, well-being, and safety through education and making our community more welcoming, encouraging, and sustainable.

My personal and professional development was greatly impacted by this experience. It was an enlightening professional experience that I can apply to my professional career in many ways. Be Priceless allowed me to do a wide range of activities such as assisting with Impact assessments and making community reports. I was able to develop my skills, design my days creatively and explore more of my potential, for which I am incredibly grateful.

I would like to express my gratitude to my co-workers for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern at Be Priceless. I was inspired by the passion and dedication of the people I worked with. Being a member of such a wonderful organization has profoundly impacted both my personal and professional progress, and I am grateful for the experience. Thank you, Be Priceless, for such a wonderful opportunity!

Nayeem Haque, a medical intern

I had an amazing time working as an intern at Be Priceless for the past couple of months! It was truly a great experience working with the team and other interns.

I started volunteering at Be Priceless in January 2023 and I have seen tremendous growth
within myself in these past few months. During my time here, I was able to work on social media posts, designing posters, editing videos, and helping in some of the Children’s and Caregivers’ SEED courses. I was also encouraged by my supervisor, Dr Leung, to pursue my interests and create resources about mental health and menstrual health which are topics that I am incredibly passionate about.

It was wonderful to witness a multisectoral team collaborating together and uplifting each other. The Be Priceless community is genuinely a supportive and encouraging one. Everyone is committed to their work and are very open to helping others. Prior to this internship, I have dealt with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. However, due to the welcoming environment at Be
Priceless, I have been able to be more confident in my abilities and to view myself more
positively which has allowed me to flourish in all aspects of my life.


This journey has also taught me about the importance of public health and the work it takes to
ensure this information is being illustrated to the public in the best way possible. As a medical
student, I believe that this is an essential part of medicine that can bring about immense change in the community and this experience has encouraged me to incorporate this in my own studies and future practice.

Overall, I believe that this experience has shaped me to become a better person and it has
taught me to be kinder to myself so that I can serve the community wholeheartedly. I will
definitely treasure and cherish the memories I have made here and I am thankful to everyone I have met during this delightful experience.

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Xie Yue, a public health intern at Be Priceless

My journey at Be priceless was a truly enriching and rewarding experience. I started volunteering at Be Priceless in April 2023. It provides an opportunity for me to get to know these wonderful people who are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community. From the moment I joined the team, I was struck by how warm and welcoming everyone was. Despite being new to the organization, I felt like a
valued member of the team from day one. The support and encouragement I received from the team made a significant impact on my personal and professional growth during my time here.

Working alongside other passionate individuals who shared the same vision was inspiring, and I was able to learn a lot from their experience and knowledge. Their guidance and mentorship helped me to develop my skills and knowledge, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a dedicated and supportive team.

During my internship, I was able to gain experience in various aspects, including generating community reports, designing posters, editing videos, and assisting with impact assessments. I had the chance to work on projects that directly impacted the lives of underprivileged communities, which was a truly fulfilling experience. The work that Be Priceless does is truly inspiring, and I feel privileged to have played a small role in contributing to their mission.

Overall, my internship at Be Priceless was an incredible learning experience. This experience has been more life-changing and meaningful than I’ve could imagined and has made me even more determined to serve the community in the future. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a marvelous and impactful team.

Charlotte, a 17 year-old intern

Being able to join the Be Priceless team is amazing and truly a life-changing experience. I was amazed and in awe by how passionate and welcoming everyone was. You could tell how committed the team was to helping other people through their seed course and caregiver course. Putting all their blood, sweat, and tears into BePriceless and helping other people overcome their obstacles and past traumas.


Throughout my internship, I have had the chance to work on social media posts, video and music editing, and helping out in some of the children's and caregivers SEED courses. I was also able to help brainstorm interesting activities so that others could learn and have fun at the same time. Which is not something every organization would let their intern do. It's an amazing experience for high school students, as it provides an environment for us to get used to the work environment while being able to help others at the same time.


A memorable experience from my internship was when a report was filed because a child hit me, a 17-year-old. This might seem far-fetched and exaggerated to some, but to me, it shows how committed BePriceless is to ensuring everyone's safety, the child and me included. This incident provided me with valuable experience and gave me a deeper understanding of how organizations work.


My internship with Be Priceless has been truly meaningful and unforgettable; it has really made me change to be a better person, as well as being more confident and social. I’m really grateful to have been introduced to working with this NGO and to be part of such an impactful and wonderful team! They are truly priceless and limitless.


Dalveen, volunteer at Be Priceless

Although I've only volunteered at Be Priceless for a few weeks, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and witness the importance of teaching young children the importance of well-being and flourishing in life.

I will be majoring in Psychology in university since I'm hoping to improve the well-being of people around me and people at Be Priceless have inspired me to also one day help people from underprivileged backgrounds to have access to efficient resources for their Well-being. I think it's amazing to see how passionate people at Be Priceless are to make a difference by helping children to grow and flourish. I would especially like to thank Dr Czarina for making me feel welcome and sharing her passion of helping children and caregivers flourish. 

Xinny Liu, a medical intern

In my three month intership with Be Priceless, I had the opportunity to support children and caregivers in the community. I enjoyed helping out in the SEED course classes as well as working with the educators. Outside of the classroom, I was involved with video editing, translation and design, with the highlight being the Sustainable Development Booklet for Be Priceless.

Through this experience, I was able to gain more knowledge and understanding of NGO work, as well as the current health and well-being challenges faced by the vulnerable members of the community. I hope to use these experience and skills to bring to my future medical practice.


YiTong, a public health intern at Be Priceless

As an intern at Be Priceless, I had a fulfilling and wonderful working experience with a caring,
empathetic, and professional team in these three months. During this time, I not only learnt a
great deal of professional knowledge and skills but also developed deep values, and these
experiences significantly contributed to my rapid growth and provided me with invaluable
experience for my future career path.

During my internship, I was involved in various tasks, such as social media designing and
producing public health education materials, video editing, and data analysis; these experiences
have taught me to consider factors such as cultural background and age when creating relevant
materials, which align with what I have learnt in school.

From the initial experience of observing the excellent teachers and team members conducting
the SEED course to the time when I became familiar with them and began to coordinate with
teaching, I have witnessed the children's behaviour change and grow throughout the process,
which has been the most profound experience during my placement. The SEED lessons, which
combine practical knowledge with fun and interaction, enable each child to enhance their
personal growth, well-being, and safety and help caregivers better support children in these
three areas. It's a hugely rewarding thing to do. The Be Priceless team has grown and flourished
with everyone in this community.

This memorable internship will inspire me to think about the importance of health equity in my
future career and strive to help as many people as possible.

Ginny Ho, a pharmacy intern

My 3-month journey at Be Priceless began in January 2024 and was truly remarkable and enriching. I was fortunate to work with a passionate team of talented professionals who mentored me with valuable insights and advice. The team values diversity and fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas to enhance both individual growth and collective success.

Throughout the internship, I not only supported SEED courses for children and caregivers but also participated in social media content development, video editing, and impact assessment. The high degree of flexibility and autonomy instilled a sense of accountability and self-motivation that drives me
to strive for excellence in every task given. I am also amazed by the way Be Priceless delivers core values of growth, well-being, and safety, which bring life-changing impacts to children and families.

Overall, working with the team was a transformative experience that solidified my personal skills and boosted my confidence. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and look forward to transferring the knowledge and experience gained to excel in my future endeavors.

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