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COVID-19 Risk Reduction Family Workshop

On 6th March, 2022, the Be Priceless team provided the COVID-19 Risk Reduction Workshop to the Hong Kong community. 

We covered the risk reduction cycle to Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from the current setting of the COVID-19 situation.

Go-Bag for Quarantine or Isolation

Let’s get ready for the COVID-19 outbreak by packing a Go-bag.


What is a Go-bag?

Why is it important?

What should be in it?

You will know the answers to all these questions after attending our workshop, and reading our resources back.

Wearing/Removing a Mask Safely and Physical Distancing

Wearing and removing a mask safely is as important as putting one on correctly!

Physical distancing while staying socially connected is also key!


Let’s see how our founder- Dr. Czarina Leung and our youth ambassador showed us each step.

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Hong Kong

Vaccines are so important to infection risk-reduction. Different germs require different vaccinations, including the SARS-CoV-2 Virus which causes COVID-19 infection. 


Let’s learn about the resources available to us in Hong Kong with Be Priceless’ Founder, Dr. Czarina Leung.

Video- Masks and Physical Distancing
Video- COVID-19 Vaccine in HK
Resource Pack in Action
COVID-19 workshop resource pack (v1 draft) (3).png

Our health education team compiled a resource pack from trusted sources and according to the our best understanding of the current Hong Kong COVID-19 situation.

Please keep updated on latest news, health services or information from health authorities.

Version date: 11th March, 2022 

Uploaded on 11th Mar, 2022
Bahasa Indonesia
Uploaded on 26th Apr, 2022
Uploaded on 28th Apr, 2022

Let's be Respiratory Infection Fighting Heroes!

Be Priceless' SEED course teaches communities how to stay safe, including how to prepare for facing respiratory infection.

Get the children-friendly comic book and learn to stay safe from respiratory diseases like COVID-19 now.

More languages coming soon!

Please keep updated on latest news, health services or information from health authorities.

English & Chinese
Updated on 26th Mar, 2022
English & Bahasa Indonesia
Updated on 25th Mar, 2022
English & Hindi
Updated on 18th Jul, 2022
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Comic book
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  • The content is for informational purpose for the Hong Kong setting only

  • The content reflects our team’s best efforts to compile information on the 'version date' listed above, and cannot cover all aspects of the topic.

  • The information and situation will change over time, you should stay updated and following the official advice of the news, health professionals and trusted sources, e.g. health and local authorities.

  • What is presented cannot be used as personal health care or advice. This does not replace health professional or local authorities advice or services. If you need health care or other support, you should seek help from health professionals, doctors, counsellors, official helplines, etc. 

  • Be Priceless does not provide medical care, counselling, or social services  

  • You should keep updated on news, health services or information from trusted sources. 

  • In order for trusted information to help you, you must turn it into helpful actions.  

  • Be Priceless hereby disclaims all liabilities to any party for any direct, indirect or other consequential damages arising from any use of this product.

  • In the event that there are any inconsistencies in the different language texts, the English version will prevail.

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