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Who We Are

Be Priceless is a health education nonprofit that empowers children to flourish sustainably, inclusively and equitably.

Our Vision: Every child can harness their full potential to flourish, inclusive of those facing higher risks

Purpose: To improve the well-being and safety of diverse children through our life-changing SEED health education

We were founded in 2015 by Dr. Czarina Leung to engage diverse community members to co-develop transformative ways to improve the well-being and safety of children, especially those who face high risks. 

This seed of hope for our community to transcend the complex risks harming our children's health was planted by the many individuals that Dr. Czarina cared for in the past two decades in humanitarian, medical and educations services. 

Our programs are co-developed by our multicultural and trans-sectoral team of staff and volunteers - doctors, nurses, public health and child protection professionals, social workers, counselors, educators, mindfulness teachers, and more. 

We each hold a piece of the solution for our shared hope that everyone can live as they truly are - being priceless, limitless, and interconnected for long-term flourishing.

Join us in transforming our community's children to flourishing.

Meet our awesome team!   

what we do

1) Community partnerships with diverse community members for shared understanding and solutions.

  • Organizational Collaborations

  • Community interviews on views, challenges, ideas for children's growth, well-being and safety

  • Community Scorecard on children's well-being and safety 

  • Public Health Education

2) SEED Education to strengthen children's well-being 

SEED courses are now offered to the following groups:

A) 4-6 year-old children

B) 7-10 year-old children

C) 11-17 year-old children

D) Youth (coming soon)

E) Parents and other Caregivers of children

F) Educators (e.g. staff of partner non-profit organizations or schools)

Our Impact
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