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About Be Priceless


Who we are 

Be Priceless is an educational non-profit that nourishes inclusive regenerative flourishing of children, youth, caregivers, and community groups - especially those who face higher risks and are underserved.

Be Priceless was established in 2015 by Dr. Czarina Leung as inspiration and seed of hope that was planted by the at-risk communities she served in Hong Kong and globally in the prior 15 years.  Her experience includes:

- Public health professional in the World Health Organization, 

- International humanitarian doctor in refugee camps, informal settlements, and more,

 - ICU doctor

- Former assistant professor

- Researcher driving the care and protection of vulnerable populations.

The opportunity to serve in different communities showed Dr. Czarina that we can and must work together as one community to transcend the complex problems hurting the mental-physical-social health of our children, youth and others who are vulnerable.  We each hold a piece of the solution to our shared hope that everyone can live as they truly are - being priceless and interconnected for long-term flourishing. 

Our services were developed by Dr. Czarina and community-wide partnerships over 7 years of unwavering commitment to develop an empowering, inclusive and transformative educational service that would truly strengthen the flourishing of communities who are at risk and underserved. 

Our programs are co-developed by our truly diverse, multicultural, and trans-sectoral team of staff and volunteers - doctors, nurses, public health and child protection professionals, social workers, counselors, educators, mindful and yoga teachers, lawyers, information technology workers and more. 

Meet our team!   

We are deeply committed to transcending the barriers to inclusive growth, well-being and safety together. Join us in transforming be-loved our community to flourishing and ensuring that our community nourishes our children, youth, and people who face higher risks and exclusion.

what we do

1)  LISTEN to and PARTNER with diverse community members for shared understanding and shared solutions.

Situational analysis - on the views of the community members on the well-being and safety of children and families

* Community Scorecard - on child and caregiver-informed ways to measure well-being and safety of children. 

* Community Impact Reports - on the change in growth, well-being and safety of participants of the SEED Courses

2) Provide life-changing SEED Courses*

SEED stands for our ideals: Self-value, Empower, Educate and protect from Dangers. 

The courses are now offered to the following groups:

A) 4-6 year-old children

B) 7-10 year-old children

C) 11-16 year-old children

D) Youth (coming soon)

E) Parents and other Caregivers

F) Educators (e.g. staff of partner non-profit organizations or schools)

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How we work

Committed to our values - WE CARE



Impact focused


Trans-sectoral integration + Evidence and best-practice based

Behavioural intervention

Systems thinking 

Design thinking

Our Impact

Children's SEED Course - Impact Report 2021-2022 (English)

Caregivers' SEED Course - Impact Report 2021-2022 (English)

Children's SEED Course - Impact Report 2021-2022 (Chinese)

Caregivers' SEED Course - Impact Report 2021-2022 (Chinese)

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