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Voices from community 

New Growth

SEED Journey of a seedling

Name: Aiden
Age: 9 years


Alanna, a 10 year-old SEED Course graduate & intern

I would never have been able to imagine what having an internship at Be Priceless would be like. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Like a web to a spider, or a wand to a wizard, Be priceless has become a very important part of me. For others, Be Priceless and its team is just one of the other non-profit NGOs, but to me, I see the Be Priceless team as some sort of a family to each other. Every seedling, every staff, every volunteer is special in their own way, so we shouldn’t expect people to be exactly the same, even if they are similar.


The team has to work together to reach Be Priceless’s dream: Well-being and safety for all.


I didn’t really like trying new things before I took the SEED course and joined Be Priceless. But then I realized that I was just afraid of getting things wrong. After the SEED course, I learned to embrace my imperfections and that it’s okay to not get things right sometimes.


Sometimes, I feel weak, and that I can’t do anything, but then I remember back to those lessons, and think, “No, I’m NOT weak, and I CAN do some things.” Be Priceless has had a great impact on my life. Not just having a positive attitude, but also, I feel more confident and happy each morning when I wake up. I used to look out the window to see it was raining and go, “Are you kidding me? Now I can’t go to the park!” But now, I see the rain as a blessing to all plants, helping them shoot up and grow stronger, taller, and deepen their roots further into the ground.


Everyone has mistakes and problems in their lives, but I think that that’s just a part of growing, learning, and knowing what not to repeat.


Now that I think back to the first time I helped Be Priceless with some integration, I feel good about helping out. For some people, mistakes are not to be tolerated, and everyone should be absolutely perfect. Not to me. To me, everyone is allowed to grow and learn at their own pace, taking their time to sink their roots deeper into the soil and reaching for the sun. When you have a positive mindset, sometimes you feel unstoppable. That the sky’s the limit and you have so much to share with others that you burst with happiness.


I’m especially grapeful for getting to experience this amazing new life and have this exciting and educational journey alongside the rest of the team.


One last thing I want to say: Remember that you are Priceless and Limitless!

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Nychole, a 14 year-old SEED course graduate intern

In April of 2021, I had the opportunity to participate in the SEED course, where I learnt valuable aspects of growing and staying safe. An aspect of growth I experienced after the course was being able to put into words the methods to stay safe and make good decisions. During the course, we were also introduced to different ‘superpowers’ in a person which fosters their growth and development.


A superpower that was quite impactful towards me is having a growth mindset, especially towards academics. Prior to learning about it, I didn’t have the best mentality when I was under academic stress, and would usually cram all my schoolwork. With the understanding of having a growth mindset rather than a fixed one, I was able to face my problems more confidently, and learnt to accept the situation while striving to improve. Another superpower I decided to start developing is curiosity, as it made me realize how much more aware and in tune with possibilities I could be when trying to understand things on a deeper level. For instance, I am more curious towards the different perspectives of the people around me, which allowed me to understand how certain situations affect people in several was. 

Lastly, I also had the opportunity to help out as an intern during the summer. During that period, I was able to see the amount of thought put into how younger people can effectively understand how to stay safe and have a meaningful learning experience. The discussions on how to make the courses engaging and helpful for the children further showed me the great amount of consideration put into creating the course. Overall, the course allowed me to gain insight on how I should lead my life, and taught me the importance of fostering my growth.

Vibhi Harshit

Hi I'm Vibhi Harshit, after completing the SEED course by Be Priceless I've learned many useful life lessons which have helped me appreciate and value not only the people around me but also myself. I am very grateful to be priceless as they've taught me how to understand my emotions and overcome them in the right way. I've been told by many people, especially my family that I used to get mad very quickly and my actions were always very harsh but learning about the "Name it, Tame it and Rethink it" method helped me a lot to carefully think through my thoughts and then react. My dad especially was super shocked with my sudden change haha 😄


That was why I joined the course and what I hoped to learn but Be Priceless taught me about problems which I didn't even know I had until much later…I still remember the 4 steps of reducing risks which helped me a lot especially because during the pandemic. I was very uneasy and scared about the things happening around the world. I was in situations where I learned to prevent the risks and prepared thoroughly using the tips provided by the very useful Be Priceless Journals. When I heard that my mom had gotten COVID, I was super worried but tried to help as much as I could by teaching her how to respond and recover from this unfortunate situation.


But the biggest lesson I learned was to appreciate not only those around me, but me, my mental health and well-being as well. I still follow the practices which I learned through the Growth Journal. Thank you so much for all the lessons. I definitely am priceless!

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謝謝Be Priceless,協助我的孩子成長,讓他更懂得欣賞自己,相信自己的能力,勇於面對挑戰,活出真我。

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