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Voices from

Principal Li,  Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School 

Principal Tam,  S.K.H. St. Andrew’s Primary School’s Primary

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Marina, Partner formerly from SKH OTMC, SEED Educator-in-training

As a participant: I think I really enjoyed the learning, because those learning was quite difficult. Although I knew it, I was not aware of it, e.g. self-care, how to approach my own child, how to self-reflect. All these I knew but I seldom do it practically. This course made me adware and made me start implementing in my own life.


As a SEED educator (from a partner organization): I had a full conviction about the course, so I took another step of being the educator. Being an educator is more intensive than a learner. As a new seedling as an educator. 

The gap in the community whereby we lack intensive training for safety, it was always in the back of mind. To change and enhance their life, their relationships, mental health and self-care, it addressed the 360 of a person. After the intensive course is done, it is not a one-day supervisory level program, with the follow up actions.


One of the Pakistani mothers shared about the mental health issues of her daughter with Dr. L in class. Despite all the stereotypes, the other saught help.

Janet, Partner formerly from Health In Action 

The SEED Course has addressed some hidden needs of the community. One of the very memorable sharing by the kids is that she now knows how to react when she was being followed, that she would tell a trusted adult about it. The SEED Course has provided the young people with solutions to some dangerous scenarios, which is very practical and helpful when they are at risk. 

The SEED Course allows ladies (both mothers and kids) to have a better ownership of their body, and for boys to be more respectful to others including their family members and friends. Some girls would have put themselves in a subordinate position when it comes to ownership of their body, however, the SEED Course let them know that their body belongs to them and they have the rights to say "no" to unpleasant touches. 

I think this is important for the ethnic minority community here as this is not mentioned at home or within the community. Although there wasn't a lot of participants in the first round, those who came to the class could spread the idea of ownership of one's body to other members of the community. We believe that the influence from peers works best for community change. 

I hope that more families from the community will see the importance of caring and loving yourself. The changes we see from some of the kids – for instance, being more respectful to others and protecting themselves from unpleasant touches - could cast a big impact on their personal growth. Thus, I hope that more kids can attend the course and take up a mentor role in their social circle. I hope that a loving atmosphere within the Ethnic Minority community can be built in the future


Rodelia, Domestic Workers Corner

The SEED course has brought about significant changes in the services provided by the Domestic Workers Corner, particularly in relation to the Migrant Workers Community. This course, being the first of its kind to offer free training for caregivers, has empowered individuals to develop a deep appreciation for their work and the families they serve.


The SEED course effectively addressed the needs of the community I serve by providing valuable tools and strategies to handle the daily challenges faced by caregivers. These challenges often lead to stress and difficulties in maintaining focus at work. Through this program, the community gained essential training on self-care, caregiving techniques, and building healthy relationships with the individuals and families they serve. Prioritizing the caregiver's own well-being is crucial.


Looking ahead, I hope to see the continuation of the SEED program, with more individuals expressing their interest in joining and developing their self-confidence and skills in the workplace. Additionally, I hope the program expands to include opportunities for learning new techniques and approaches to self-care, fostering love for oneself and family members back home. The Caregiver's SEED course workshop encompasses various aspects and is a comprehensive package tailored for the Migrant Workers Community. As caregivers attend these workshops, it is vital for them to acquire the knowledge and skills to handle different cases and situations appropriately, with a strong emphasis on safety, ensuring the well-being of both the caregivers and the individuals they care for.

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