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Every Child is Priceless and Limitless.
Self-value, Empower, Educate, and Protect from Dangers (SEED) Course strengthens children's superpowers for growth, well-being and safety.

The interactive lessons enhance children's self-value, confidence, resilience, social and emotional regulation, learning, problem-solving, decision-making, and ability to improve safety.

All courses and learning materials are FREE-of-charge to participants
. We are funded by our Founders who believe that ALL children should have access to learning support for life skills that empower their flourishing. No child should be left behind. 

SEED courses are regularly offered for children living in Hong Kong of the following age groups:
1) 4-6 year-olds (in-pe
rson only)
2) 7-10 year-olds (online and in-person classes)
11-17 year-olds (online and in-person classes)

The SEED Course is child-centred, fun, and practical.

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