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Community Partnerships

to enhance shared understanding & collaboration that nurture diverse children's flourishing

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Collaborate with Schools and NGOs 

Be Priceless shares our trans-sectoral expertise and resources with our partners serve children and their families, especially those from high risks contexts (e.g. SEN, low-income, ethnic minority, migrant) 

We provide our SEED Courses and Workshops, impact evaluation, and child safeguarding-protection measures with many trusted partners.

We also support them in informational sessions, e.g. interviews by schools on nurturing personal and collective support for students with Eczema 


Interested in becoming our partner organization to provide SEED Education to children or caregivers?


Community Scorecard on Children's Well-being & Safety 

Children and caregivers work with the Be Priceless team to develop this tool to measure and track children's personal growth, well-being, and safety. 


Through this participatory approach, the community scorecard informs us of the most important indicators for a children's holistic flourishing.

This child-centered scorecard has been applied as part of Be Priceless SEED Courses' quality of life impact evaluation since 2022. 


 We will share the community scorecard with schools and other partners to facilitate the development of programs that truly strengthen children's well-being.

Stay tuned! We plan to publish this community score card soon!

Community Interviews on Children's Well-being
Your Voice Drive Our Services

Empowering children's well-being and safety starts with understanding the current situation.

We interview children, caregivers, and care service providers (e.g. health, social, education, NGO workers). They including people from diverse cultures, educational needs (including SEN), and other contexts (including migrant domestic workers, refugees, and more)

We ask them to share their views, experiences, challenges, and ideas on children's well-being and safety.

These insights sets the foundation of the SEED Education. We will also promote diversity, inclusion and equity by publishing community-friendly reports and sharing them with out partner communities.

Partners includes Uplifters, PathFinders, HKSKH OTMCC, Health in Action, Grassroots Future, and more

Interview of migrant domestic worker caregivers of children

Public Health Education

To enhance the health capacity and equity of the general public and our members, Be Priceless shares factual and actionable health information through our workshops, conference presentations or panels, social media, and publication. 

If you wish to invite us to share our experience on children's flourishing, well-being, or safety or risk reduction on the in the above events, please contact us.

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