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Voices from Caregivers

Parents' views about their children's transformation resulting from the SEED Course

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Rocely J. Sta. Mina 

I am so grateful to be a part of this learning. I get reminded of how my body is mine and I have the responsibility of taking care of it. Growth, safety and well-being are my priorities (if I want to) have a healthy well being (as) it bounces back to my family, working environment and my community. The way I interact with others will be a reflection of how good I am taking care of myself. Be Priceless, a non-governmental organization, (which) enhances our maturity, be aware of the warning signs or the red flag (from) circumstances we are dealing (with). Most of all, how we should practice resilience especially in the most stressful event in our life. The activity about meditation is also helpful for our mental health and should be included in our exercise, especially (when) the world is getting more chaotic. Thank You Be Priceless for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this self-enhancement activity. God is using your organization to be an instrument where we gain knowledge and mental strength 😊😊😊😍😍 Thank you.

Ermalyn A. Juson

Be PRICELESS.?! hmmm 🤔😊 These are amazing and powerful words for me.


It's INCREDIBLE. It's so VALUABLE that no one would ever want to sell it or be able to buy it because IT'S PRICELESS. My mind and body belongs to me, IT'S PRICELESS 😊

In our daily work since I understand my worth or my SUPERPOWERS it's a big help for me additional knowledge and learnings i gain and guide also for myself and for my family and people surrounding me.


Self-growth is very important, being an individual you need to learn and apply it to ourselves. Self-value is a must, (and) confidence and being kind too. And don't forget to be resilient, and don't lose hope and the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, that's our integrity that cannot be taken from us. That's why my employer (trusts) me and they can share and open up to me and me also vice versa. We build a rapport.


I believe that learning is continuous from kid to adult.


Healthy mind and body is very important too. Love and care (for) yourself first before anything else. Do a healthy living, like exercise, yoga and eat healthy foods and surround yourself with good spirited friends.


Healthy Relationship to each other is one of (the ways to) create a peaceful environment. Love others, understand, forgive and move forward. Respect each other's beliefs and thoughts, and just enjoy life, smile and pray.


I remember when I was a healthcare provider, our clinical instructors always told us about safety, preventions better than cure, and safety precautions. Supporting each other, practicing teamwork or team building, it's a big help for a team to reunite, not only for a coworker you also apply inside the house for the family or friends.


Remember PREVEN, PREPARE, RESPONSE, and RECOVER. Use this smart action as a guide plan. Be prepared and aware and be observant and record some of the important hotlines number In case of emergency.


Important reminders to do research and always have a safety plan. I learned a lot and I'm grateful.


From my end, thank you so much to the Be Priceless team for the knowledge and learnings you shared with us. God bless you more.

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Edina Bueza

I completed SEED COURSE (on) Dec. 10, 2023 and I'm really grateful for being part of this class. Honestly I enrolled already before but I may not able to finish the online session before due to my status in my workplace and I always feel exhausted I doubt myself if I have the rights to join in this class because I know I not a good mom even I give all my best that time I always feel useless but then after how many months I enrolled again and this time I told to myself (it's ok you can do it you didn't know what happening if you didn't try) so I decided to attend the class. Before the class started I feel anxious and exhausted, a little bit nervous but suddenly when the class started specially the exercises little by little my feeling change I see myself joining and participating in the class and it's really grateful when the 1st session done I feel comfortable and I see my worth as a person, as a human and as a mother. Sometimes I'm too harsh on my kids, especially with the rules. We had a misunderstanding but at the end of the day I chose to stay calm, I kept silent so more discussion and argument. It's hard for me as a single mom. Before the seed class  ends I feel at ease, happy, content. I learn how to embrace my imperfections, facing my fear and accepting new challenges. And it's really great. I thank God for this opportunity to learn. Now I am proud of who I am and for what I am. After I graduated I did my best to share to my family, relatives, friends and to our community the things that I learned, especially how to handle and raise our kids to be a better person. I always remember growth-wellbeing - safety - positive parenting is the things that every one of us needed.


Once again thank you.

Rana Hema

Hello, Namaste! I am Rana Hema and I am from Nepal. I have been living in Hong Kong for the last 9 years. I live in Yuen Long with my husband and two children aged 6 and 2. I and my elder child attended the SEED course last year at Yuen Long Town Hall organised by the PRAISE Centre. 


As I was a new mother, I only had little experience on parenting, everything around seemed new and adopting it became a challenge for me. I didn’t know much about the HK education system, the local language and the government facilities and resources available for parents and children activities.

But having attended the SEED course, there has been a substantial change in my behaviour and attitude towards parenting. I have been able to analyse situations effectively which has in turn improved my problem solving and decision making abilities. I have been more cautious in handling sensitive issues such as physical and emotional safety of my children. 


I started emphasizing active listening and understanding others which is very important for effective communication. Furthermore, I also started attending other parent child classes, classes targeted for women, parenting programs as well as Chinese language classes. Since then I have also been volunteering  in the toddler playgroup classes which has helped me to better understand children from different perspectives. I realized our responsibility is not only to raise our children but to help them grow emotionally, change their attitudes and behaviours, empower them with knowledge and focus on their well being and safety in various aspects of life. 


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank and appreciate “Be Priceless” NGO for providing the opportunity to join the SEED course which was very effective and smartly written for parents, youth and children. 

The SEED course also taught me to teach children about Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover so they can implement in their life. Even my child learnt a lot from this course. He knows where he needs to say yes and where he needs to say no. He knows about the good and bad touch as well. He  has learnt to care for himself. He has also slowly started to identify his abilities and strengths. He has been more confident in expressing his needs and opinions. He has also started learning problem solving and decision making skills which he will need throughout his life. All thanks to the SEED course once again.


I would like to share my elder son’s incident that happened before Christmas. During his visual art class, everyone was asked to make Christmas cards and share with classmates. My son made three cards and gave them to three different friends. Sadly he did not receive any card from any of his friends. At last he was empty-handed. My son felt so embarrassing, sad and lonely that no one really cared for him. This incident made me sad as well but deep inside I was also happy that he shared everything with me. He did not try to hide his feelings, instead he chose to share it. And I think the SEED course also played an essential role in helping him shape his thoughts and thinking. 


After listening to him, I gave him a warm hug and advised him to be strong and to control his emotions whatever situation he may be in. I advised him to make his heart big and be kind to everyone. Even though he is still young to understand and implement these sorts of words, I am sure he will be able to grasp everything slowly as he grows. So finally we decided to make more Christmas cards and share them with other classmates and teachers. Initially, he didn’t want to give cards to anyone, but I explained the importance of empathy to him and that he should learn to treat others with compassion and fairness. It doesn’t matter if others don’t care for you but you have to be kind to everyone and love all your friends equally. So the next day he made new cards and shared them with his teachers and classmates.  

When he returned from school, he looked happy and told me that he also got seven Christmas cards and one birthday invitation card in the school. He even received gifts and Christmas stickers from the teachers.


So the most important lesson I learnt from the SEED course was that children are priceless, limitless and are to be loved no matter what. Positive attitude and positive parenting plays a vital role in the development and well being of a child. We must teach our children that failures are to be viewed as an opportunity for growth rather than shortcomings. Positive parenting, well being and safety mindset contributes to the overall happiness and mental well being as well. 


I am always thankful to God for giving me two beautiful seeds whom I can nurture and take care of and turn into happy and healthy human beings who can contribute to the well being of society.


Thank you!

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Joana Marie Bartolome Domingo

Hong Kong is my 2nd home where I've learned, grew, studied,and worked when they gave me a chance. 


A place that I really be proud of and the place that they have cared for you. 


I came to hongkong without enough knowledge on how to handle my work, especially when it comes to taking care of a family and baby and how to raise it as a helper here in hong kong. 


But thanks god, i was given the opportunity to study from one of the NGOs which I am applying to in my daily work. 


How big impact and changes this education to my life. I was a complainer before and and always angry😅i am not satisfied at my work before, and nowwwww, I proven to myself as a good teacher,doctor,and caregiver as a Workers., my communication to my employer and other people and childrens are became better,i can handle the situation of people especially to the children when they have emotionally feelings, and i applied what i have learned being a caregiver to join in any community to share knowledge. 


Thank you, thank you for helping many workers like i. 

God bless you be priceless. Am so proud of you!!!!!!!!! 

Eden Catapang Manalo

I'm Eden, I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister and a caregiver. Being all of these, I must say it's not easy. There are high and lows. Some days are calm while other days are tough. Being away from home for so many years and working in foreign country  to be exact 10 years now) is really challenging.I have to take care of my employer's family at the same time I need to make sure that I haven't neglected my own family in the Philippines. I'm a person who always wants to learn and open for learnings.I know life is a continuous process same as my obligations.But, I'm also aware that in order to be good I have to take care of my well being. I should secure my physical, mental and emotional aspects. That's why I grab the chance to learn more through the help of Be Priceless. After attending their class, I feel renewed. My heart and soul and so my mind and body refreshen.


I've learned that all of us have different phases in life.The process may take a short or long time but it doesn't mean that one is better than the other. I have learned that to be a good role model is not only in good times but as well as during hard times. Our children are watching our behaviour on how we handle struggles thus,as a caregiver we must possess a good attitude on handling difficulties in our that we are teaching them to be strong and independent on their own.


Above all the most important thing that bear on my mind is to LOVE MYSELF. There is no perfect thing in this world but, if we know how to take care of ourselves everything will follow. We can share love, knowledge and wisdom to others accordingly. Protecting our well-being is one of the greatest things that we can do. Personally, I'm securing my own safety by not indulging in the things that will possibly cause me to be in danger by knowing the risk and danger in my surroundings that Be Priceless taught to us.


Just like seeds we are all unique and different. We need sunshine, air, water,soil and proper nurturing in order to build stronger roots. As humans, we need love, protection, safety and knowledge to be more equipped in life.


Each of us are PRICELESS! We are all capable of growth and be a good seed to our community.

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Lakhwani Alisha Mahesh

Be Priceless, what does it mean?

Answer: It made me realise that a seed sounds common like other words but when I joined an online zoom course the entire meaning changed to an ocean.

It was Pandemic in HK, a new concept was introduced  "Work from Home" 

Each and everything was Fm Home..

My daughter was in her teen's and I, being a single mother, trying my ways and means to handle her but was not successful. And one fine day online free SEED course and I joined it.

A miracle ✨️ that turned my way of seeing her and developed a parent child relationship.

A Tree workshop that helped me again to change my concept to develop myself.

Thank you and grateful to Be Priceless Team.









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