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Be Priceless is a health education non-profit that empowers diverse children to be as they truly are - Priceless and Limitless


Every child can harness their full potential to flourish


To improve the well-being and safety of diverse children through our life-changing SEED health education


SEED Education - SEED Courses and follow-up workshops

Key impact

Children's well-being and safety is 10-30% higher after SEED Course

This better quality of life persists for at least 3-6 months

Parents, child, and family's overall well-being is 20% higher after Caregivers SEED Course

14 youth ambassadors have supported SEED services in 2023

 18+ schools and NGOs are supported by SEED Education between 2021-2023

 1500 children, caregivers, and educators will be empowered by SEED from 2021-2023.


How we ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion


We provide free empowering health education for personal and collective flourishing,

prioritizing services to children and caregivers who face higher risks. 

Together, we nurture a community that flourishes regeneratively. 

SEED Children

25% live with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

25% non-Chinese ethnically diverse

SEED Caregivers

70% low-income family

60% non-Chinese ethnically diverse, including domestic workers

SEED Education 

SEED is a health education program that improve children's well-being and safety.


1) Children (4-17 years)

2) Caregivers of children 

3) Families

4) Organizations that take care of children or their caregivers

Learning Goals

1) Personal growth (self-value, resilience, growth mindset, etc)

2) Well-being (emotional regulation + mental, physical, social health)

3) Safety (against illnesses, exploitation and violence, environmental risks)

4) Relationship & Communications

SEED is engaging and empowering. Learners nurture healthy behavioral change by:

practicing positive communications and actions, using growth mindsets, becoming self-aware, interactive activities, games, singing, dancing, discussions, animations, and more. 

Why SEED Education is so impactful

SEED Courses were rigorously co-developed over 8 years by more than 200 trans-sectoral professionals (doctors, counselors, educators, mindfulness teachers, social workers, and more), storytellers, artists,

as well as multicultural children, youth, and caregivers.  

SEED transforms evidence and best practices from diverse fields into actions that align with Hong Kong's health and child well-being guidances, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),​ WHO's health guidance (mental- physical- social well-being)social and emotional learning (SEL), INSPIRE, Children's Rights, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and more. 

Be Priceless is committed to accountable and transparent services' quality, integrity, and impact.

Every team member and participant must follow our child safety, data security, and integrity policies.

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