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“I am grateful when good things happen. I show others that I am thankful.”

Gratitude Jar!

Gratitude Jar ENG.png
  • Find a jar and decorate it however you'd like

  • Each day write 1 thing you are grateful on a piece of paper and put it in the jar

  • You can do this with friends and family!

Gratitude ROCKS!

Gratitude Rocks ENG.png
  • Find a rock and decorate it

  • Write 'THANK YOU' on it

  • Keep it in a place you can find it and look at it as often as you can

  • You can even give them as gifts

Gratitude Circle!

  • Once a week, gather your family/friends in a circle

  • Go around the circle sharing why you are grateful for the person sitting to your right 

  • Make sure to switch up the order each week!

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