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2023 Hong Kong Youth-led Mental Health Conference🤝

Our founding director, Dr. Czarina Leung is honored to be invited as a panelist at the “2023 Hong Kong Youth-led Mental Health Conference”.🤝

📢Dr. Leung highlighted that we can improve individual and collective well-being through:

⭐Strengthening wholistic health in improving our mental, physical, and social well-being🌞

⭐Reducing risks that challenge our health⛑️including disorders; interpersonal violence, exploitation; the stigma, discrimination, and inequalities in communities; and environmental degradation and climate change🌦️

⭐Nurturing well-being and healthy connections at the levels of personal, relationships, community, and ecosystems🌻

⭐Improving health equity🙌

⭐Educating people to build capacity for well-being and risk reduction; practice the mindsets, actions, and interactions in a safe environment; and nurture collective values, norms, and culture that nurture flourishing and equity🌳

❤️Please visit our website for more information about well-being:

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