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Personal Growth Happens in Our Roots

seedling diagram.png

If we focus on what is on the outside (exam grades, awards, titles, devices, what others think of us, etc), we will be missing out on the opportunity to grow our inner strengths. 

Our inner strengths are like the roots systems of a plant - they help us flourish and be still in different weather. In our SEED Courses, we call these strengths our Superpowers.


These Superpowers are within everyone of us that we can nurtured by the way we think and act. 

The key areas of our superpowers are:

1. Be Priceless and Limitless

2. Self-Love (self-value, confidence, hope, and more)

3. Learning (curiosity, love of learning, growth mindset, etc.)

4. Healthy Mind
5. Healthy Body

6. Healthy Relationships

7. Safety

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