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Taking Care of my Body!

“I take good care of my body by making sure I get enough healthy food, clean water, rest, exercise, and fresh air.”


It's workout time! Join Pine and enjoy these circuits to get your blood pumping! Click on Pine for instructions

Simple Circuits with Pine Cover ENG.png
Lavender's Vanderful Walks Cover ENG.png

It could not be more easy! Go out on a walk in the great outdoors and take in the nature. Click on Lavender for instructions

Yoga with Thyme Cover ENG.png

A simple yoga routine you can do often to bring calmness to your day! Click on Thyme for instructions


Rosemary's Recipes Cover ENG.png

Make some healthy delicious food with your family and friends using these recipes! Click on Rosemary for instructions 

Your reminder to hydrate well!

  • ​Sit while drinking

  • 8 glasses of water everyday

  • Carry a water bottle wherever you go!



Tranquil Tales

Sleep stories written and told by us!


Ursa's Journey Be Priceless
00:00 / 05:42

If you would like to read the story yourself, click here!


If you would like to read the story yourself, click here!

Be Priceless - Sleep Story - The Land of Cakes
00:00 / 06:10

Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind

Understanding Mental Health

Poster Preview.png

Another way to take care of our body is to nurture our mental health and well-being. We all deserve to be well and safe, especially our minds. 

Check out this infographic to learn more about mental health!

Infographic available in English, Chinese, Hindi and Bengali. 

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